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You have to take control of your own energy future in South Africa

The lockdown has spared us from wide-spread load shedding to date, but as the economy and businesses return to work, the reprieve will be short-lived. Besides load shedding, there is also the widespread and devastating criminal element that is escalating, stripping essential electricity infrastructure and plunging entire suburbs into darkness for days.

Pile on the rocketing electricity costs, and it soon becomes very evident that for homes and businesses, self-sufficiency in terms of electricity supply and continuity has never been more important in South Africa’s post-lockdown economy.

In an interview with CNBC Africa, energy expert Chris Yelland stated it bluntly, and succinctly: South African consumers and businesses must take control of their own energy future as they cannot rely on the government and Eskom. The interview is a worthwhile watch – here’s the nuts and bolts of Yelland’s comments:

– Over the past year, South Africans had to deal with regular power blackouts, with load-shedding hitting a historic high of stage 6 at the end of 2019.

– There is a cognitive dissonance between government’s world and the reality of a failing Eskom. They still talk about Medupi and Kusile as magnificent plants. The reality is that these two mega-projects brought Eskom to its knees and they are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The reality that Eskom is not too big to fail – it has already failed. The question is – what are we going to do about it?

– The solution to South Africa’s electricity crisis is not going to come from the government, as it cannot deliver projects that can provide new electricity within the next one to two years. That kind of electricity capacity has to come from the customers of electricity, taking responsibility for their own energy future.

South African businesses and households need to take control of their own energy future.
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