Your Contractor

Track records and 
Technical Expertise Matter

Always deal with a qualified, professional and trusted renewable energy partner who is going to get the job right for you first time and be around in years to come to stand by your installation, back-up and service requirements and warranties.

 A quick look at Hello Peter and the proliferation of ‘mom-and-pop’ contractors that have suddenly sprung up trying to cash in on the renewables boom are evidence that there are plenty of bad deals out there, and even more questionable products, installation and safety standards.

Checklist to consider when choosing your solar installer:​

Membership of Industry body - Check whether your provider is registered and a current member of professional industry bodies such as SAPVIA.

Qualifications matter – does your provider have PV Greencard installers? Is there a qualified electrician to do the electrical work and provide a COC?

Track record – check customer testimonials and ask for references and make those calls. How long has your provider been in the industry and what is the depth of their expertise. No-one becomes a solar specialist in a couple of months.

Insurance – do they have the requisite business insurance such as public and contractor’s liability and goods in transit cover to ensure your goods while in storage and transit to your site?

Product Quality and Certifications – Check that solar panels are compliant with IEC standards. Is your inverter compliant with NRS-097 regulations? Is your solar geyser SABS-approved. Is your installation done according to SANS-standards?

The journey to grid independence is a big and important step and you need to be sure that the steps you take today are right for your needs down the line. One Energy has been around since 2011 and is one of the largest and most successful national renewable energy groups around.

We have the backing of a national group, head office and branches around the country, and we have a proud track record of perfect, safe, compliant and effective installations that will save you money and give you peace of mind from the very first day,


We regularly see PV deals with battery back-up being punted at prices that are simply not realistic or sustainable. There are many ‘drop-and-go’ importers who are bringing in cheap solutions and outdated technology – repackaged under ‘new names’ – from manufacturers who have absolutely no presence or technical support and back up in South Africa, and installers / distributors who do not have the financial strength to stand by any warranty claims or product failures. The implications of a cheap, sub-standard PV system and installation are onerous and something that many consumers don’t think of before succumbing to a cheap deal. These are just some of the considerations you should be looking at

The NRS-097 regulations specify which inverters are approved to be legally connected to the grid. None of the fly-by-nights we have come across operate according to these standards and most consumers don’t even know it exists – until it is too late. None of the cheap models floating around are legally allowed to be connected to the Eskom or municipal grids and they never will be – there are 5kW inverters being punted and sold in abundance at an average cost of R12k and under, but they are not approved according to the NRS regulations. When the NRS regulations are enforced nationally (they are already in the Western Cape) – and which they will be soon – your system will essentially be an illegal connection and you will not be allowed to operate your grid-connected PV system

You are connecting a rooftop electricity plant to your most expensive asset – your home or business – so you don’t want to get it wrong. You need to be very sure that your system is 100% safe, compliant and that the installers are qualified to do the work, including any electrical work that needs to be done on your distribution board and the onerous earthing and safety requirements across the whole system, including each solar panel. Putting a non-compliant system on your rooftop is tantamount to throwing a match on haystack. Non-compliant systems will also invalidate any insurance claims should something go wrong.

Every component in your system needs to be compatible – not every inverter is compatible with every battery, and in fact even different makes of electricity meters can prove problematic. You need to deal with an expert who knows their stuff and has the track record over the years to prove it – no one becomes a specialist in six months.

One Energy has been called out to assist on countless occasions where consumers have been left in the lurch by dodgy contractors who are no longer around to support their systems – the workmanship, safety and technical aspects on many of these installs have been hair-raising. In many instances we have not been able to rectify the faults or salvage any part of the installation as the system installed is entirely incorrect for the consumer’s needs. In some of the worst cases, people have paid large deposits to these operators for their systems, only to have them disappear with their money and find that they are not even legally registered companies.