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In the know

The importance of quality products and installations

With so many renewable products on the market with varying levels of quality, performance, technical expertise and installation experience, its often very difficult for a consumer to know what the right system is for their needs, and whether they are dealing with a reputable installer who will not only give them a thorough assessment of the right system for their needs, but also provide the after-sales service, support and product warranties that they need.

Since the trend towards renewable energy became a major drive in South Africa, there have been a number of cheap products that have flooded the market with equally questionable installation expertise and back-up.  When it comes down to choosing a solution, this is one time you need to be very sure you are comparing apples with apples.

“We always advise our clients to make sure that they question and verify that the system they you choose is firstly fit-for-purpose, has been quality checked and vetted against our local standards and that the installer is suitably qualified and authorised.  Choose a supplier that is able to offer you the full range of offerings on the market that is fit for your needs and lifestyle. Make sure you get valid and credible advice and that you are paying for something that will work for you.

To help you in your decision making, One Energy sheds some light on what the importance considerations are when choosing a renewable partner:

  • Quality, efficiency, durability and extended warranties are very important considerations.   Buying down on quality is likely to be an expensive purchase at the end of the day – the efficiency of the system will be compromised and before long the system will not provide the heat or energy output required to make a significant enough impact on reducing your utility bill – the whole point of why you bought it in the first place.  There are many cheap imports flooding the market, and everything about their performance and components is cheap too.
  • Another important aspect is the installation of the system and the qualifications of the installer.  You can have a great system but if your installer does not know the finer aspects of the job and use the best quality installation materials, your overall system performance will be compromised and in turn reduce the savings and benefits of the system. Cutting corners can also have dire implications for the safety of the systems and even present a fire hazard.
  • After sales back-up and support is essential. If you cannot get an installer out to even visit you for a sales call, what are your chances of getting them there for a back-up call?  Dealing with a reputable supplier with a good service ethic that you know is going to be around for years to come and honour warranties is important.
  • No shooting in the dark – some providers will ask you only for an electricity bill and attempt to provide a PV solution based on this, but the approach is fundamentally flawed and inaccurate since your bill cannot reveal day and night usage, selective loads or peak demands which need to be factored into your PV solution. A thorough load analysis is a must. That’s why with One Energy, we’ll visit your premises, set-up loggers on your electricity distribution board for at least a week to ten days, and provide you with a comprehensive view of where your electricity usage is going, and what steps we can take to help you reduce it.  We will also be able to provide a very good indication of what your savings will be depending on what size system and the solutions we specify for you, so there is no shooting in the dark.