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Take your water heating off grid with a solar geyser and save 30-40% on your electricity bill

If your trusted financial advisor from a reputable financial institution offered you a product which gave you a RISK-FREE return of over 30% per annum which was also effectively tax free – it’s likely that you would be very interested?

The reality is that NO financial institution in the world has a product like this … WE DO.

A tax-free savings account currently gives you around 3-4% return at the very best rate.  A solar geyser blows this out the park and will give you at least a 30% TAX FREE RETURN year-on-year.

Solar Geyser Savings are Significant

The average cost of grid electricity is now R2,70/kWh for residential tariffs and increasing by at least 11-15% annually – and that’s without the municipal increases to consider on top of that.

The figures below are based on a monthly electricity bill of R3000 for an average family of four.  At least 30% of that bill will be for water heating, although our nine years’ experience in the field and over 10 000 installations has shown this figure is much closer to 40%.  A correctly sized solar geyser will save you 80% of the water heating cost.

Looking at an average electricity bill of R3000 per month, a family of four could expect to conservatively save about 30% of the total bill by installing a correctly sized solar geyser.  That’s around R900 per month which is R10 800 per annum. Your solar geyser will completely pay for itself in around 2.5 years. From day 1, you will cut your electricity spend to Eskom by around 30% – every month. On a 200-litre solar geyser, fully installed your cost is around R27 000.

Your return on investment is 10 800 / 27000 = 40%

There is no getting around it.  Heating up water in an electric geyser is the most expensive part of your electricity bill – so tackle this first and make a big dent in your electricity costs.

A solar geyser is the very best step in preparing to get more grid-independence and giving you a minimum of a 25-28% risk-free, tax free investment, every year.  Pretty mind-blowing when you consider that even the best tax-free savings account is going to give you a 5% return at most.  

Looking at an average electricity bill of R3000 per month, a family of four could expect to conservatively save about 30-40% of this bill by installing a correctly sized solar geyser.