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You’re burning your hard-earned cash if you haven’t converted to a solar geyser

As individuals, there’s very little we can do to directly influence any improvement in the efficiencies at Eskom, or kick against the outrageous cost of electricity – now on average R2/kWh for residential tariffs and increasing by at least 25% over the next three years – and that’s without the municipal increases to consider on top of that.

What you can do is change the way you think about your electricity costs, self-sufficiency and determination and the very best guaranteed investment opportunity currently available to a homeowner – SOLAR.

A solar geyser will give you a 25%+ return on investment.

NO OTHER financial product, anywhere will give you even a quarter of this return.  Most financial investments are trundling around 6-7% if you’re very lucky.

Consider the numbers

The figures below are based on a monthly electricity bill of R2000 for an average family of four.  At least 30% of that bill will be for water heating, although our nine years’ experience in the field and over 10 000 installations has shown this figure is much closer to 40% – that’s between R600 – R800 per month just for water heating on a R2000 bill.  A correctly sized solar geyser will save you 80% of this cost.

Expected Savings from 200l Solar Geyser (suitable for 3-4 people):         

Average electrical consumption of electric geyser:   15kWh per day

Expected solar saving on electrical geyser:                80%

Total expected monthly saving:                         R720/pm

Total expected annual saving:                            R8 640/pa (15kwh x 80% x R2/kWh x 30 days =R720/pm x 12)


Expected Savings from 300l Solar Geyser (suitable for 4-5 people):         

Average electrical consumption of electric geyser:  20kWh per day

Expected solar saving on electrical geyser:               80%

Total expected monthly saving:                        R960/pm

Total expected annual saving:                           R11 520/pa (20kwh x 80% x R2/kWh x 30 days =R960/pm x 12)

There is no getting around it.  Heating up water in an electric geyser is the most expensive part of your electricity bill – so tackle this first and make a big dent in your electricity costs.

A 300-litre Apollo solar geyser is around R27k and will pay for itself in 2.5 years – making it the very best step towards getting off the grid and giving you a minimum of a 25-28% risk-free, tax free investment, every year.  Pretty mind-blowing when you consider that even the best tax-free savings account is going to give you a 6,9% return at most.  Even if you choose to finance your solar geyser through our Greenfin finance option, its essentially risk-free money as the lending rate is around 19% (credit-rating dependent), while your ROI is more at between 25-28%.

Solar Geyser Special

Inland Regions

  • 200-litre Apollo Solar Geyser:     R20 999 incl Vat and installation
  • 300-litre Apollo Solar Geyser:     R26 999 incl Vat and installation
  • 5kW Enerflow Heat Pump:           R24 999 incl Vat and installation

Coastal Regions

  • 150-litre Kwikot Solar Geyser:    R23 599 incl Vat and installation
  • 200-litre Kwikot Solar Geyser:    R26 999 incl Vat and installation
  • 5kW Kwikot Heat Pump:               R29 499 incl Vat and installation

(Pricing valid to 31 August 2019 or while stocks last)