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Residential Solar Savings Case Study – Get 86% or more grid independence

Fix your electricity costs for less than half of what your municipality charges for the next 20 years and say goodbye to rising electricity costs and power outages

This solar model shows the savings that can be realised by a typical mid-sized residential household in any municipal area in South Africa where electricity costs have now risen beyond R2.00 per kWh – and that’s pretty much everywhere.  The model is for a household with an average total monthly electricity consumption of 1250 kWh and based on installing a 300-litre solar geyser and a 5kW Hybrid PhotoVoltaic system with 10kW of Li-Ion Phosphate batteries.

With a solar geyser and the new PV systems incorporating Lithium Phosphate battery technology it is possible to achieve grid independence of 86% * at an average cost of 94 cents per kW over the lifetime of the system.  The reality is that solar power is already far cheaper on a decentralised basis than Eskom can provide with centralised power generation – in fact solar is already producing electricity at less than half the price that Eskom can provide.  And that’s not even factoring in expected annual increases of between 12-15% on your municipal accounts for the foreseeable future, or the increasingly precarious state of Eskom’s infrastructure and ability to supply consistently.

* system comprises 300l Apollo High Pressure system installed on roof

** system comprises Alpha ESS Smile 5 system with 5 KW inverter and 2 x 5 Kw Li ion battery banks

*** We have worked on conservative figures to allow for days of inclement weather.  With proactive load management and energy efficient measures grid independence even higher than 86% will be achievable.

**** We have also factored in that PV system will still be performing at 80% of original output in 20 years.