Apollo Integrated systems (geyser on-roof) Cash price incl Vat & installed
Apollo 150L (pre-feed)R15 000.00
Kwikot Evacuated tubes (geyser on-roof)Cash price incl Vat &installed
150LR19 000.00
200LR20 900.00
Kwikot – split system (geyser inside roof) Cash price incl Vat &installed
150LR19 000.00
200LR20 900.00
Enerflow Heat Pumps Cash price incl Vat &installed
5.6KW Inland 200LR21 500.00
5.6KW Coastal 200LR22 500.00

Offers valid until 15 Dec 2017 or while stocks last.

Terms and conditions

  • Prices include Vat and installation.
  • Finance option based on 60 months, 19% interest rate. All finance applications are subject to the standard credit checking and qualification by the financial services provider.
  • Both Apollo and Kwikot systems can be installed in all regions – both inland and coastal – and are frost-resistant.
  • Heat pumps are available in coastal and inland models. Coastal models are specifically designed with materials resistant to high humidity and rust.
  • All pricing is subject to a site (premises) inspection where applicable.
  • All our installations are done according to the South African National Standards regulation.
  • All our solar thermal systems and heat pumps are SABS approved.
  • All pricing includes installation cost for a standard installation (5m piping). If the installation falls outside the scope of a normal installation, extra costs may be applicable.
  • Normal DB Timers have been included in the installation pricing. Where no space exists in the DB for a timer, extra may be charged. Timers can be upgraded to controllers at an extra cost.
  • All solar systems include an installation on a pitched roof. Extra may be charged for a flat roof installation.
  • No plumbing or electrical certificates are included in the pricing. Certificates can be issued at an additional cost if required.
  • Courier cost may apply on systems outside of Gauteng.
  • Pricing includes travelling within a 50km radius of our branches. Extra travelling may be charged outside the 50km radius.
  • If the existing geyser does not comply with SANS regulations, extra may be charged to make the installation compliant to ensure that the system warranties are honoured.