Many people believe renewable energy is too expensive without actually doing their homework. When we take them through the costs versus the savings, most are stunned at how absolutely affordable it is. The initial upfront cost is the only cost involved with solar and it can be financed.

Many people put off making the switch to alternative energy sources because they don’t have the upfront cash. That’s why One Energy offers you competitive finance options. With every Eskom increase that comes each year, you’ll be saving more and more and protecting your pocket against the impact of hyperinflationary increases. So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills for absolutely no return, you’ll be investing your money into your new resources, saving thousands over the long term and increasing your property value by up to 15-20%.

If looking at it from an investment point of view. If you invest R20-30 000 normally fixed for 5 years you, cannot get more than an 8% return annually and you have to pay tax on the return. But if you invest your money in buying a solar system you can expect an annual return of 30% or more from your savings and it is tax free.

So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills, you’ll be investing the money over the short term into your new renewable resources, while saving thousands over the long term. Talk to us about our finance partners who can help you make the move to greener, efficient and cost-saving energy solutions.