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In the know

Get off the electricity grid step-by-step – it’s easier and more affordable than you realise to produce your own electricity

Solar technology and the self-sufficiency it provides are creating an entirely new world of empowered consumers who have more choices than ever before.  In fact, traditional utility electricity providers around the globe are all in decline as consumers choose to take control of their energy supply with renewable solutions, rejecting polluting and expensive coal and nuclear power generation.  For South Africans, choosing to go solar and get off the grid-step-by-step is the most affordable and reliable way to rid yourself permanently of soaring electricity costs, Eskom’s governance failures and blatant abuse of your tax money.

One Energy’s grid-tie photovoltaic (PV) offering is the very best in the market in terms of price and quality.  We won’t be beaten on these prices on the same tech specifications and equivalent installation quality.

Solis Grid-Tie PV System (1-phase) Panel Array Monthly savings (R1,85/kWh) System Cash price Monthly loan @ 19%, 60 months
3kW Solis System 3kW R832 (450kWh)  R 53 910.00 R1498
4kW Solis System 4kW R1220 (660kWh)  R 63 100.00 R1736
5kW Solis System 5kW R1465 (792kWh)  R 82 500.00 R2240
  • These are indicative costs for a standard installation. All pricing subject to a site assessment.
  • Typical sizes used for residential applications. Pricing on larger and commercial solutions are available.
  • Finance option subject to credit checking and individual credit rating.

What is PV?

Photovoltaic (PV) systems make use of the sun to generate electricity during daylight hours. Solar panels are exposed to sunlight or solar radiation and generate electricity which is called a photovoltaic effect. This solar power flows via cable to a device called an inverter which converts the direct current (produced from the panels) to alternating current. Every KWh generated by the solar system is a kWh less required from Eskom or local municipality.  And because solar is a technology and not a fuel, there are no ongoing costs after installation as is the case with gas for example.


Financing sorted

One Energy offers competitive monthly finance options.  With every Eskom increase that comes each year, you’ll be saving more and more and protecting your pocket against the impact of hyperinflationary increases.  So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills for absolutely no return, you’ll be investing your money into your new resources, saving thousands over the long term and increasing your property value. Talk to us about our competitive finance solutions.