Knowledge is power and knowledge of where your power is going can save you a lot of money. The importance of understanding where your electricity gets used and which devices are using the most power shows where there are opportunities for you to save on your monthly bill. Getting a handle on your electricity usage is easy.

Using a multi-port-power-monitor (MPPM), One Energy will reveal the usage on each individual circuit in your premises. The MPPM report will identify when and for how long different circuits draw power. This will highlight power usage issues such as a pool pump timers that have been set incorrectly, or more serious issues such as a borehole pump that is running under high load due to partially seized bearings. The report will also quantify exactly how much certain equipment costs to run each month.

Understanding power usage at your home or business can give you opportunities to introduce electricity savings. You can see when and what your peak demand is and reduce this by setting timers or changing usage patterns. With the MPPM being able to monitor up to 30 circuits at a time the reports are comprehensive and accurate. These reports record invaluable information which will help you save money.

Talk to One Energy today about setting up an audit of your electricity usage, and take control of your usage and put a comprehensive and manageable plan in place to reduce your reliance on the grid.