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Conventional water heating costs 40% of your total electricity bill

Consumers and businesses are bracing for a reported 20% Eskom price hike in April 2018 – just seven months away. On the current trajectory, households currently spending R2000/pm on power can expect that same electricity to cost R5000/pm in five years. Over the next 10 years, the same household will spend R500k on electricity – the cost of a small townhouse and double the cost of a university education.

When you do the sums and look at what your money could be doing from an investment perspective, it’s very clear that finding alternatives to Eskom’s over-priced and unstable grid electricity is an imperative for every South African household.

Slash at least 30% off your total electricity bill with solar or a heat pump solution

The best place to reduce your electricity bill with a big margin of around 30% is by converting hot water heating to a renewable solution such as solar or a heat pump.  Heating up your household water in a conventional electric geyser consumes the largest chunk of your total household electricity bill – on average 40% of your total costs go to hot water.

Furthermore, if you have plans to generate your own electricity by means of photovoltaic solar power (PV) which many homeowners are opting for, you need to work towards getting your house ‘PV-ready’ by reducing your electricity usage and becoming more efficient – the geyser is the primary starting point.

Heat Pump or Solar?

When it comes to water heating, solar is a well-known and very effective alternative when sized correctly, while heat pumps are ideal for households and businesses where solar water heating would not be a viable alternative due to too much roof shade, roof structure challenges, aesthetic considerations or high hot water usage that solar would not be able to keep pace with.

There is no right or wrong answer and both solar and heat pump technologies will deliver a very sizeable saving on your electricity bill.  Conservatively, savings are placed at around 30%, while we have many client testimonials where the savings have been much higher. The decision between solar or heat pump will depend on a number of important considerations that One Energy will determine based on your specific needs analysis.

The investment case for a heat pump

Based on electricity bills where households are spending between R1800 to R2800 per month, the installation of a 5.6 kW heat pump at an installed cost of around R 22 000 will provide an immediate and conservative 25% saving on your total monthly electricity bill, and cut 70% of your annual water-heating costs.


Eskom’s hyper inflationary increases aren’t about to go away as the utility finds itself in a serious financial and leadership crisis.  Even if you take a conservative approach with an average 15% increase which is likely for the next five years and at least 8% for years six to 10, you’re going to be coughing up a huge amount for electricity if you don’t do something about it now. There’s no doubt that installing a heat pump or solar water heating solution will dramatically reduce energy consumption, save thousands of Rands over the years on your electricity bill and make a significant contribution to getting your home ready to go off-grid with PV.

Take advantage of our Spring special offers on solar water heating and heat pump solutions:

(Offers valid until 30 Oct 2017 only, or while stocks last.)

Apollo Integrated systems (geyser on-roof) ** Cash price incl Vat &installed Monthly Finance option *
Apollo 150L R16 500.00 R527
Apollo 200L R19 900.00 R616
Apollo 300L R24 900.00 R745
Kwikot Evacuated tubes (geyser on-roof)** Cash price incl Vat &installed Monthly Finance option *
150L R18 999.00 R592
200L R20 550.00 R633
Kwikot – split pumped system (slimline geyser inside roof) ** Cash price incl Vat &installed Monthly Finance option *
150L R17 999.00 R566
200L R20 500.00 R631
Enerflow Heat Pumps *** Cash price incl Vat &installed Monthly Finance option *
3KW Inland 150L R18 500.00 R579
5.6KW Inland 200L R20 500.00 R631
3.8KW Coastal 150L R20 000.00 R618
5.6KW Coastal 200L R21 500.00 R657


*based on 60 months, 19% interest rate. All finance applications are subject to the standard credit checking and qualification by the financial services provider.

** Both Apollo and Kwikot systems can be installed in all regions – both inland and coastal – and are frost-resistant.

*** Heat pumps are available in coastal and inland models.  Coastal models are specifically designed with materials resistant to high humidity and rust.

Terms and conditions:

  • All pricing is subject to a site (premises) inspection where applicable.
  • All our installations are done according to the South African National Standards regulation.
  • All our solar thermal systems and heat pumps are SABS approved.
  • All pricing includes installation cost for a standard installation (5m piping). If the installation falls outside the scope of a normal installation, extra costs may be applicable.
  • Normal DB Timers have been included in the installation pricing. Where no space exists in the DB for a timer, extra may be charged. Timers can be upgraded to controllers at an extra cost.
  • All solar systems include an installation on a pitched roof. Extra may be charged for a flat roof installation.
  • No plumbing or electrical certificates are included in the pricing. Certificates can be issued at an additional cost if required.
  • Courier cost may apply on systems outside of Gauteng.
  • Pricing includes travelling within a 50km radius of our branches. Extra travelling may be charged outside the 50km radius.
  • If the existing geyser does not comply with SANS regulations, extra may be charged to make the installation compliant to ensure that the warranties are honoured.

Monthly Loan Option

Many people put off making the switch to alternative energy sources because they don’t have the upfront cash.  That’s why One Energy offers you competitive finance options.  With every Eskom increase that comes each year, you’ll be saving more and more and protecting your pocket against the impact of hyperinflationary increases.  So, instead of paying exorbitant electricity bills for absolutely no return, you’ll be investing your money into your new resources, saving thousands over the long term.

The monthly repayment is almost always covered by the savings on your electricity bill!  Even while you’re still paying off your system, you’re likely to be paying out less than you would have on your electricity bills.  Investing in renewable energy solutions for your home is the best financial decision you can make, right now!

Get the service and quality you deserve

Call us today and find out how we can assist you to dramatically reduce your electricity costs, significantly reduce your impact on the environment and put your hard-earned money to good use on more important things!  For every month that you delay, you’re wasting thousands of Rands that you could be putting back in your pocket every month.

One Energy is a national franchise group of 28 branches which is growing rapidly based on the quality of solutions, technical expertise and back-up, installation methodologies, full maintenance plans and finance options.

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PS:  It’s really important to use a reputable supplier with a national network, proven workmanship, quality products, product warranties, qualified installation professionals and a full maintenance offering to keep your system working at optimal level – and that you know is going to be around for years to come. Beware of cheap systems, bakkie brigade operators and questionable installation methods – they will leave you disappointed with inferior savings results. Service and quality really do matter when it comes to having hot water 24/7. Most of all, you want to be sure that your supplier complies with industry regulations, that your installation is 100% safe, sound and optimised for your needs, and that your supplier will be around for years to come to fulfill on warranties and servicing requirements of your unit.