One Energy’s South African footprint allows us to facilitate national renewable energy projects for companies who want a standardised installation and national roll out across all their operations. One Energy has a project management and engineering team for Commercial projects.

Power Purchase Agreement 

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows your business to procure and maintain its own solar energy plant at no upfront costs or capital layout, while enjoying immediate costs savings.

Through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) partner, One Energy offers commercial clients risk-free and fully financed solar energy solutions that covers 100% of capital and operating expenditure and ongoing costs, including maintenance, insurance, and all operations.

A commercial solar PPA provides for a customised monthly payment plan where payment is only made for the energy the system produces during daylight hours, and at a significantly lower rate than provided by the national grid.

A solar PPA also has a fixed rental annual escalation which means businesses can shield themselves from hyperinflationary utility tariff increases and also accurately budget for energy costs.

Many PPA’s also provide the flexibility for buy-out options and the option to move the system to another property should the business relocate to other premises. Depending on the needs of the business, the PPA can also incorporate battery-back-up over the time period of the agreement – typically anywhere between 10-20 years, although fully flexible.

Benefits of a PPA

No upfront costs or capital layout – protect your balance sheet.

Maintenance, insurance and support costs included in the PPA agreement.

Immediate savings.

Hedge against future national grid tariff increases.

Predictable and manageable energy costs.

Greater self-sufficiency.

Long-term electricity savings.

Reduces carbon footprint and emissions.

You can look forward to between 20% and 50% savings on energy purchased through your PPA compared to your utility provider.

Talk to One Energy about a Power Purchase Agreement for your business and we’ll get the ball rolling and do all the important leg work for you.

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