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Buyer beware – Hacks abound

Get it right the first time with a specialist, proven solar solutions provider

Solar is a major purchase and probably one of the most important investments you will make towards securing your self-sufficiency and saving a huge amount of money on electricity bills.  It’s also essentially a power plant being installed on your most valuable asset – your home or business – so you don’t want to get it wrong.

A quick look at Hello Peter and the proliferation of ‘mom-and-pop’ contractors that have suddenly sprung up trying to cash in on the renewables boom are evidence that there are plenty of bad deals out there, and even more questionable installation and safety standards. We regularly see PV deals with battery back-up being punted at prices that are simply not realistic or sustainable.  The market is being flooded with cheap inverters and systems from unqualified operators looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting consumers. These hacks have no intention of being around long enough to support or service their installations a few years down the line.

The implications of a cheap, sub-standard PV system and installation are onerous:

  • Your system will NOT perform to the specifications or requirements you actually bought it for in the first place – so your returns and benefits simply won’t be there – MONEY WASTED.
  • The NRS-097 regulations specify which inverters are approved to be legally connected to the grid. None of the fly-by-nights we have come across operate according to these standards and most consumers don’t even know it exists – until it is too late.  None of the cheap models floating around are legally allowed to be connected to the Eskom or municipal grids and they never will be.  And when the NRS regulations are enforced nationally (they are already in the Western Cape) – and which they will be soon, given the growing number of embedded solar plants being installed – your system will essentially be an illegal connection and you will not be allowed to operate your grid-connected PV system.  MONEY WASTED.
  • You are connecting a rooftop electricity plant to your most expensive asset – your home or business – so you don’t want to get it wrong. You need to be very sure that your system is 100% safe, compliant and that the installers are qualified to do the work, including any electrical work that needs to be done on your distribution board.  We have been called out on countless occasions to assist consumers left in the lurch by dodgy contractors who are no longer around to support their systems – the workmanship, safety and earthing measures, and technical aspects on many of these installs have been hair-raising. In some instances we have not been able to rectify the faults and the system installed is entirely incorrect for the consumer’s needs – MONEY WASTED.

The bottom line is with so many new renewable energy products and suppliers in the market with varying levels of quality, performance, technical expertise and installation experience, its often very difficult to know what the right system is for your needs. Be sure to work with a supplier that complies with safety regulations, that your installation is 100% safe, sound and optimised for your needs, that your products are top tier quality products that provide the savings you expect and will be around for years to come to fulfil on warranties and other servicing requirements.

At One Energy, we believe in doing things right the first time.  Our credo is perfect installations that are right for your unique needs and your pocket.  So, before you rush into making a deal with a provider, check out these important reasons to put One Energy on your list for serious consideration:

  • Quality, efficiency, durability and extended warranties are very important considerations. Buying down on quality is likely to be an expensive purchase at the end of the day – the efficiency of the system will be compromised and before long the system will not provide the heat or energy output required to make a significant enough impact on reducing your electricity bill – the whole point of why you bought it in the first place.
  • Another important aspect is the installation of the system. Cutting corners can also have dire implications for the safety of the systems and even present a fire hazard.  One Energy complies with the highest industry standards in terms of safety and system quality and all our people undergo regular product, technical and safety training.
  • After sales back-up and support is essential. Dealing with a reputable supplier with a good service ethic that you know is going to be around for years to come and honour warranties is important. Our ethos of perfect installations backed by quality work, service and products means that every one of our clients is a contactable reference. Every installation is tracked with an installation report, photographs and saved to our CRM system for quality checking and warranty management.  As the largest and oldest national franchise group, you have the added peace of mind of a national head office that stands behind its installations and products, and only deals with the very best, reputable product manufacturers with the financial strength to stand by their warranties and local technical support.
  • No shooting in the dark – some providers will ask you only for an electricity bill and attempt to provide a PV solution based on this, but the approach is fundamentally flawed and inaccurate since your bill cannot reveal day and night usage, selective loads or peak demands which need to be factored into your PV solution. A thorough load analysis is a must. One Energy can tell you how much your system will generate and what you will save with absolute confidence – because we do the proper groundwork upfront.
  • It may sound a little arrogant, but we know that our product and technical knowledge is world-class. In fact, our technical director is consulted by the industry ombud to consult on problematic installations by suppliers where consumers are unable to get their issues resolved. We believe it’s essential to establish that you are dealing with people who have the required knowledge, expertise and integrity.
  • We pride ourselves on our 100% quality guarantee that will see you saving money and the environment from the moment it is up and running, with an expected life span on many products in excess of 20 years.
  • Not all companies offer a range of products. This inevitably results in their pushing the product they stock which may not be right for your needs. At One Energy we never sell a product simply because we want the sale. We always provide the best possible product to suit your needs and we always conduct a thorough needs analysis.
  • We believe in investing the time and effort into educating clients about the finer workings of renewable energy solutions and the benefits both in terms of savings, self-sufficiency and living a greener lifestyle.
  • We are fierce proponents of quality and integrity in the industry, taking a firm stance in educating clients against fly-by-night operators and sub-standard equipment, which does untold damage to the industry and consumer confidence in renewable technologies.

One Energy will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your electricity usage and needs, and match this to the best renewable solutions to meet those needs, installed by teams that are qualified to work on your most valuable asset – your home or business property.

If you are serious about getting off the grid and taking back control of your electricity costs and supply, contact One Energy at with your contact details and area – we’ll schedule an obligation-free consultation to provide you with a thorough overview of the steps you can take to get off the grid, step-by-step.