Launched in August 2011, the One Energy Group is the largest and most successful Renewable Franchise network in South Africa with a national footprint of OVER 30 branches as at the beginning of January 2017.

With so many new products on the market with varying levels of quality, performance, technical expertise and installation experience, its often very difficult to know what the right system is for your needs and whether you are dealing with a reputable installer who will not only give you a thorough assessment of the right system, but also provide the after-sales service, support and product warranties that you need. This is one time you need to be very sure you are comparing apples with apples.

One Energy is a national franchise group of 25 branches which is growing rapidly based on the quality of our solutions, technical back-up, fully documented installations and methodologies, full maintenance plans and competitive finance options.

Always question and verify that the system you choose is firstly fit-for-purpose, has been quality checked and vetted against our local standards and that the installer is suitably qualified and authorised. Choose a supplier that is able to offer you the full range of offerings on the market that is fit for your needs and lifestyle. There are many instances where a solar system may work better, and others where a heat pump is a better option. Make sure you don’t get pushed into a sale because that’s all your supplier has to offer you.


To help you in your decision making, One Energy sheds some light on what the importance considerations are when choosing a supplier as well as the type of system:

  • Quality, efficiency and durability are important considerations. Our systems come with extended five-year warranties, and with an annual service, many systems will deliver great results for over 20 years.
  • Buying a cheap system on a deal that’s too good to be true, probably is. Buying down on quality is likely to be an expensive purchase at the end of the day – the efficiency of the system will be compromised and before long the system will not provide the heat or energy output required to make a significant enough impact on reducing your utility bill – the whole point of why you bought it in the first place. There are many cheap imports flooding the market, and everything about their performance and components is cheap too. Buyer beware!
  • Another important aspect is the installation of the system. You can have a great system but if your installer does not know the finer aspects of the job and use the best quality installation materials, your overall system performance will be compromised and in turn reduce the savings and benefits of the system.
  • After sales back-up and support is essential. There will be instances – although not often – that you may need your system checked or reconfigured for various reasons. If you cannot get an installer out to even visit you for a sales call, what are your chances of getting them there for a back-up call? Dealing with a reputable supplier with a good service ethic that you know is going to be around for years to come to honour warranties and service calls is important.


MARK WILLOUGHBYManaging Director

Mark graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1983 with a BSc degree in Chemistry and Geology and went on to do qualifications in Marketing as well as the MAP programme and EDP at Wits Business School. Mark had a long corporate career in a few major corporations including Air Products and the Tongaat Hulett Group, working his way through the ranks early in his career from sales rep to Marketing and Sales Director. After terms as a director with the Chubb and Zimco Groups, Mark started his own business development company, Spearhead Outsourcing in 2005 of which he remains CEO. In 2009, he became involved in the renewable energy sector after acquiring a 25% shareholding and becoming a director in Solartech Energy Technologies. After two years, Mark sold his shares in Solartech and co-founded the One Energy Group in June 2011. Over the last nine years, Mark has developed considerable expertise in the franchise industry, assisting franchisees with establishing and running their operations. He also co-founded the Crisp and Clean Franchise Group four years ago in 2014.

GREG HARTTechnical Director

Greg graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1985 with a BA degree and then continued his studies graduating with an LLB post graduate degree in 1987. After being admitted as an advocate he worked in the legal profession for eight years. He co-founded a printing company which he ran with two partners for 18 years before selling his shares and joining CDD. He helped build CDD from a company which started off in electronics development and quickly grew into the renewable energy arena. Greg has Accredited Schneider Electric Solar Integrator status and Solar Expert status.

TERESA SETTASMarketing Director

Teresa is a communications specialist by profession, having established her own turnkey, boutique PR agency in 2001, of which she remains the managing director. Teresa has extensive experience in both large PR agency and JSE-listed corporate communications environments working on some of the top multinational insurance, human capital consulting, renewable energy, technology, healthcare funding, professional services, non-profit and consumer brands. Teresa became involved in the local renewable energy sector when she joined her husband in opening one of the first One Energy franchises in 2011, and which remains one of the top performing branches in the group.