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10 very compelling reasons you should go solar

  1. Solar will save you money and is one of the best long-term investments you can make – at least 25% ROI. There is no other investment vehicle offering you these returns that are risk-free, guaranteed and effectively tax-free.
  2. Installing solar will enhance your property value and will protect you from the impact of future electricity increases for at least the next 20-25 years – money that can go into your savings, your retirement or education fund, or that special family holiday.
  3. Grid independence is power – who doesn’t want to be free of Eskom’s ridiculous price hikes and rampant corruption? Are you really prepared to be shelling out your hard-earned money for this?  Solar power helps you be independent of electricity – it’s a journey to get there, so start planning your move now and take it step by step. You won’t be at the mercy of Eskom – they can raise energy costs all they want, but it won’t affect you.
  4. Solar energy is safe and very reliable when installed by professionals – and it has a really long lifespan. Some panels have lifespans in excess of 25 years with a very negligible loss of efficiency over the years.
  5. Besides being super-efficient, there is very little maintenance required. And unlike gas for example, there are no ongoing costs for fuel.  Solar is a technology not a fuel, so the hassle factor is zero!
  6. Solar energy can be stored – and not only used when the sun is up. While it’s true that many people prefer the grid-tie solution purely to cut costs by generating their own power during the day, you can add battery back-up to store power that you can use at night or in emergencies.
  7. Solar power benefits the environment – global warming is real and our environment is under threat. Solar is a clean source of energy, it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or any other harmful emissions. Mother Nature deserves our support and consideration.
  8. In light of the continued radically higher than inflation electricity increases, and the decreasing cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar electricity is already cheaper than grid electricity – now is the time to go solar and rid yourself of Eskom’s overpriced and unreliable grid.
  9. It’s like buying your first car – although it takes a lot of planning and careful consideration, the benefits you will derive are untold.
  10. You know the benefits are huge, you just need to choose the right partner. With solar, it’s no longer an ‘if’, but ‘when’.

Our world is changing rapidly.  Technology and the self-sufficiency it provides are creating an entirely new world of empowered consumers who have more choices than ever before.  Electricity supply is no different – in fact traditional utility providers around the globe are all in a decline as consumers choose to take control of their energy needs.  Solar energy is here, now and will be for the future.