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Residential Solar Power PhotoVoltaic Solutions

What is the real benefit of installing a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) electricity generation system?

Solar PV has a range of benefits. Systems focused primarily on savings (grid tied systems) immediately reduce your electricity bill pro rata to the size of the system you install. Back-up systems, which provide during power outages, provide clean, quiet, instant and environmentally friendly electricity when your utility lets you down. Hybrid solutions provide back-up with a measure of savings. The true benefit of Grid tie Solar PV (focused on savings) is the fact that you are protected from future Eskom price increases. Any component of your electricity requirement covered by a solar system is in effect hedged against future tariff escalations. All indications are that South African electricity users are in transition from enjoying the lowest cost of electricity in the world ten years ago to becoming one of the highest payers.


Why change your lights to LED?

When Eskom had the money they were prepared to change your lights to LED technology free of charge because it reduced the load they had to provide for so dramatically!

By changing your halogen down lighters to LED lamps you not only use up to ten times less electricity you also usually get better quality light. Quality LED’s also last substantially longer so lamps need to be replaced far less frequently. These factors more than make up for the higher initial cost.

LED replacements for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) use up to 50% less power, produce far better quality light while lasting far longer.

What should I do first at my home?

Installing a Solar Photo voltaic electricity system is a process. One should first look at reducing consumption by addressing energy efficiency in your home. Hot water for personal hygiene and lighting are usually the areas in your home where the biggest savings can be made for the lowest cost.

How future proof is you against new technology coming to market?

Solar power generation is different to many technology driven products. Better technology will inevitably continue to be developed but unlike other consumer goods such as computers and cell phones, it’s the output of electricity that’s important. No matter how outdated the technology becomes, the system will always produce something you can use.

Should I abandon my grid connection and go off grid?

At the moment if you have a grid connection you should keep it as the cost of storing solar power for night time use is higher than what you are paying the utility for electricity. This will however change as improvements in storage technology added to ongoing tariff hikes make the cost from the utility converge with the cost of stored energy.

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