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Residential Energy Consultations

The South African market has come under extreme pressure.

The residential sector has seen double digit rises in electricity, water and fuel costs.

This is where One Energy can offer a on-site residential consultation where we will give you the best advice possible to help you save money and the planet. The initial consultation shall estimate the amount of hot water the household uses on a daily basis and then factor this into a monthly cost. This forms a basis then to calculate the savings that will be achieved depending on which renewable energy saving device is used.

This information can then calculate a monthly payment plan based on the savings offset against the solution pay back period.

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Commercial Energy Consultations

The energy market in South Africa is changing rapidly.

The economic value of energy consumption is increasing. Businesses are seeking innovative ways to leverage their energy and drive more efficiencies and margins to their bottom lines.

One Energy is excited to offer our pre project metering services to establish a current cost and energy usage pattern. Our engineers will evaluate the best possible solution for maximum savings as well as best suited technology, which is mainly Heat Pumps in the commercial and Industrial sectors.

One Energy work closely with Eskom in regards to project registrations & tarrif structuring..

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