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Introduction: LED lighting

• Growing imperative to save energy due to rising costs.

• Lighting presents an easy, relatively low cost savings opportunity.

• Efficient lighting offers the second easiest target for savings after hot water in the residential sector.

• It is a significant area for savings in most commercial operations.

• Seen as the “right” thing to do - can form part of corporate social responsibility programme.

General Considerations: LED

• Lower maintenance.

• Longer lifespan.

• Far lower wattage per lumen far more lux per watt (lux = lumens per meter squared).

• More choices of colour temperature for different applications.

• Better colour rendering (CRI) which is important for retail industries and special effect lighting.

• Lighting can be specified for the type of industry and different manufacturing environments.

The Most compelling reasons for installing Low energy lighting

• Any home that has not already installed LED’s is wasting money!

• Any business that has not already installed LED’s is wasting money!

•N ew buildings have to use LED’s to comply with the watt per square meter allowances